Familycraft Eversource Addon

Benedict the Eversource is a mob character that first appears in Minecraft Story Mode Season 1, Episode 5 "Order Up!". The Eversource is a chicken with the ability to lay spawn eggs of passive, neutral, and hostile mobs. According to legend, she once belonged to The Old Builders, however, in the episode, she belongs to The Founder of Sky City.

Things to know about this adaptation of the Eversource.
  • 1/ She is a rare mob that spawns only in flower forest biomes.
  • 2/ She lays eggs with a much slower rate than chickens do.
  • 3/ Although she lays passive, neutral and hostile mob eggs but, passive mobs are more frequent.
  • 4/ She has higher health than regular chickens and can be healed with seeds.
  • 5/ Even though she loves beat root seeds, she can not be bred.
Also included with The Eversource add-on is the ability to craft mob spawners by using the recipe below on crafting tables.

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