Familycraft Basic Recipes.

This add-on contains some fun new blocks along with some new items and recipes to enhance your worlds. This base add-on contains loot drops and is required for other familycraft add-ons.

Blaze Block (light source)

Ender Block

Flesh Block

Glowstone Dust Block (light source)

Gunpowder Block

Leather Block

Steele Block

Skull Blocks (light source)

Paper Lanterns Wood (light source)

Paper Lanterns Bamboo (light source)

New Drops

Animal Hides: drop from various wildlife and can be used to craft leather
Chitin Fiber: drop from shelled animals such as scorpions, used to craft chitin leggings (coming soon)
Slime Drop: can be obtained by using a stick on frogs and can be used to craft slime balls
Steel Nugget: obtained by smelting steel items (comming soon)
Charcoal Nugget: obtained by smelting most useless items
Dark Totem: dropped from high level mobs which gives instant omen effect

Craftable Items


Steel Ingot:
crafted from steel nuggets or by combining iron and coal. (Steel items coming soon)
Packed Snowballs : crafted by packing 9 snowballs, a snowmans weapon of choice.
Slime Ball: crafted using 4 slime drops
Poison Arrow: crafted using slime drops and arrows
Mob Spawner: crafted with a dispenser, diamonds and iron
Leather: crafted from animal hides
Charcoal: crafted using charcoal nuggets
Coal Block: Now craftable from charcoal
Green Grapes: regeneration effect
Apple: absorption & regeneration effects
Dark Totem: bad omen effect

Download add-on
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