Extra Storage Add-on

Do you have automated farms filling up your chests? using these blocks you will increase your storage space.

Using these blocks a double chest will hold:

  • 27,648 Iron blocks instead on 3456 (Iron farm)
  • 27,648 Ender pearls instead on 864 (Enderman farm)
  • 27,648 Totems instead on 54 (Pillager farm)

Not only do they provide lots of storage space they look good and are available in all wood types and wools.

Storage Crates

Crafted using a panel sided crate of any wood type and 8 items, each storage craft can be stacked up to 64. Storage crates can be crafted with Potatoes, Nether wart blocks, Totems, White meat, Enter pearls, Paper, Beetroot, Gold blocks, Leather, Sticks, Wheat, Prismarine shards, Sweet berries, Melon, Gun powder, Red Meat, Feather, Sugar, Reeds, Pumpkin, Prismarine crystals, Iron blocks, poultry, Ribs, Fish, Rotten flesh, Carrots, Bones, Bamboo, Arrows, Apples and Glowstone dust.

In the same manner wool storage blocks can also be crafted using 8 blocks of wool and string.

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